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High Security Vacation (Каникулы строгого режима/Kanikuly strogogo rezhima)

Will make you laugh and touch your heart!

Movie: High Security Vacation (Каникулы строгого режима/Kanikuly strogogo rezhima)
Year: 2009
Director: Igor Zaytsev
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Sergey Bezrukov, Dmitriy Dyuzhev, Elena Babenko, Vladimir Menshov

Synopsis: Two not very young men - Koltsov and Sumarokov - due to unforeseen circumstances find themselves working as camp leaders at a child summer camp that has an energetic administration and overly energetic children. All would be well only the two men have come to the camp straight from prison. At the camp the former prison inmates have to deal with all sorts of difficult behavior from the children in the best traditions of kids summer camp. From their hard work with children to make their team the best at camp and thus worthy of the award of a trip to St. Petersburg the two men Koltsov and Sumarokov discover a number of talents within themselves and hitherto unused inner potential for good...

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