A Cruel Romance (Famous Russian Movie)

The film is based on the play “A Dowerless Girl” by the prominent 19th-century Russian playwright Alexander Ostrovsky.
Slow-paced and in some longer stretches, this period melodrama features the heroine Larisa (Larisa Guzeyeva) and her various, competing suitors. Sergei Paratov (Nikita Mikhalkov) dashes into Larisa's sister's wedding like a knight in shining armor and starts to court Larisa. Her head is turned, but not enough to keep her from getting engaged to the boring Yuli Karandyshev (Andrei Myagkov) when the handsome, singing, dancing, and bon vivant Sergei has the temerity to be gone for a year. What ensues is a classic case of seduction by the immoral Sergei and then the inevitable happens -- betrayal and tragedy.

Título original: Zhestokiy romans.
País: Unión Soviética.
Dirección: Eldar Ryazanov.
Reparto: Alissa Freindlikh, Larissa Guzeyeva, Nikita Mikhalkov, Andrei Myagkov, Alexei Petrenko, Victor Proskurin, Georgy Burkov, Tatiana Pankova, Borislav Brondukov, Alexander Pankratov-Chyorny, Alexander Pyatakov, Yuri Sarantsev, Olga Volkova.
Año: 1984.
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A Cruel Romance

A Cruel Romance (Russian: Жестокий романс) is a 1984 Russian drama film directed by Eldar Ryazanov. It is the second and best known screen version of Alexander Ostrovsky's classic play Without a Dowry (1878).
The film was shot on location in the Upper Volga region, including Kostroma. It features a set of Russian romances written by Bella Akhmadulina, Marina Tsvetaeva and Eldar Ryazanov, composed by Andrey Petrov and performed by Valentina Ponomaryova. These songs have gained widespread popularity in Russia.
Larisa Guzeeva - Larisa
Nikita Mikhalkov - Paratov
Andrey Myagkov - Karandyshev
Alisa Freindlich - Ogudalova
Aleksei Petrenko - Knurov
Viktor Proskurin - Vozhevatov

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